Monuments Person's badge.

The picture above shows a Terracotta baby bottle, Which is also a toy(as it's shaped like a pig) and rattles when shaken. I would risk my to save this artifact because it's really creative and the person who made it took there time to make something special for there kid. The baby bottle is said to be 2,400 years old and found in a tomb were a female individual was laded to rest having died during her pregnancy. Know this makes me want to save it more, because to me its a symbol of balance, When the baby needs to drink it can when it wants to play it can, and when the baby needs something to it down the bottle can do that to with the rattling. This toy is inspiring the way it's simple and yet it took some re
al time to design the look and implement the beads that make it rattle not to mention crafting it. I believe it's something worth saving.

Prime Directive.

The prime directive in star trek is basically a list of rules that starfleet has to abide by when dealing with civilizations. These rules range from not interfering with a planets culture(i.e. telling them that its wrong or trying to inject your own.) to allowing the self destruction of the planet it's self. Basically these rules are in place so that you do not mess with the natural order of a planet. This means you are only to observe as a bystander. The rules also state that you can't inform a planet of other planets even if they know of it's existence already, helping with scientific discovers and technologies is also prohibited. This is to make sure that the planet evolves naturally with out any outside help.

This prime directive applies to this course because we are trying to accomplish the same thing. We want to be bystanders studying culture around our world but in a pure sense, If we went around talking about other people and there culture to a culture were observing then it could change things, and we don't want that.

Origins badge.
The god who puked and was like oh shit peopel came out .jpg
Bumba creating the world.
This is Bumba creating the world
THE MOST BAD ASS PHOTO OF A TURTLE EVER.jpgThis is the earth on the turtles back
God Image Thing.jpgThis is God creating the world.
In these images we see beings that are bigger then ourselves, God is huge holding what will be our solar system between the rift in his palms, The turtle is our world that we live on, And Bumba is a giant. there're also alone when(before they create the our world), God is alone in the darkness, the turtle isn't so much alone but before the world is created around him he has nothing on his back, and Bumba is a giant alone in darkness surrounded by water. They are all pretty old. The difference between them all is god created everything out of no where using his hands(i would imagine), where Bumba used his vomit(he puked up the stars and sun and moon and people and a few animals and his sons shaped the world that he created), and the turtle didn't even create the world a sky woman who fell on to his back wanted earth beneath her to live on. So animals helped cover the turtles back in earth while she walked around him and he got bigger because how else would that go down honestly. Bumba only create male sons(which i think is a bit of a flaw) god created men and women(at least a man and a woman who then made more men and women) and the turtle just had a woman on her back who was pregnant with twin boys(or in the version i read was pregnant with a daughter, who got impregnated by the west wind with twin boys, one twin wanted to find a new and creative way to be born, so he came out of the left armpit because he's left handed). One of the twin boys then went on and created us. God still watches over us, Bumba has left, and the turtle is a just a turtle but one of the twins watches us the good one, the evil twin likes to mess with us.

The Katabasis Badge.

A katabasis from what i read is a military retreat, or a trip to the underworld from the interior of a country down to the coast. If i had to visit an underworld i think i would visit Irkalla which is an underworld from babylonian religion. In this underworld there is no return but unlike other "underworlds" it's not a place of punishment for sinners and wrong doers. If i had to go to an underworld i'd rather go to this one which is just a sadder version of life as it is now. Going here would be better then some places like hades and or hell where your soul gets worn down.
A town after life

The Poetry Badge.
This is a poem is inspired by Sappho.
Is she really human or do my eyes deceive me,
there are no words that can describe her beauty,
it's as if the gods knew of my non-belief and sent swift,
a goddess,
one look upon her and my heart beats fast,
i want to see if she'd give me a chance,
but alas,
when i go to ask,
my words are gone stolen by thee.

This poem is inspired by Catullus
Gone is the girl you use to embrace,
Gone is the sun that would brighten your days,
Gone is the sound of that her sweet voice makes,
unable to give chase,
your heartaches,
weep for her if you must but know that there will always be another,
take solace in the knowledge that she my never find a lover,
be resolved.

This poem is inspired by Andalusian love lyrics
I can't see my love burning brighter for anyone else,
you ignited a spark that started a fire and it can't be put out,
i can feel the warmth coming from your heart i can see the heat guiding me in the dark,
like a delicate flower in a hurricane from which our love blooms,
i'll never leave your side.