Katabasis can be defined as traveling to the underworld.
I think it would be pretty interesting to visit the different underworlds out there because with each culture they have a different type of underworld. Although, I guess if I had the choice I would want to visit the Algonquin underworld. This was an underworld that was described in the parallel myths reading. I found this underworld very interesting because you could visit loved ones if you found this type of underworld. In order to visit a loved one in the underworld you just had to leave your body and your soul would move across the land. I think when it comes to visiting the underworld in other cultures there is more of a price the person has to pay. So, I do like on how this seems a little bit easier to visit a loved one. What I also liked about this underworld is that if you were seen as “good” then you lived peacefully on an island. However, if you were bad the text mentioned that the soul was swept away by the wind. There was no detail as to what happened to those people after that. I think that this would be interesting to see because the island where the “good” people go to seems very relaxing and peaceful. Another thing that I liked about this underworld is that it seems like there was no heaven. So, basically everyone went to the same place but, depending on how good or bad you were certain things happened to you. I kind of like how this underworld is laid out because in a sense if you are “good” you are equal to all the other “good” people down there.


The Good of the Island


Dear Odysseus,
Rumor has it that you survived at sea. I was sure that my father was going to kill you but, somehow you managed to squeak by. No matter I actually glad that you’re alive right now because now I can kill you myself. I’m not even going to kill you I’m going to eat you. But, I promise I won’t eat you first I will come and eat your whole kingdom and everyone you have ever loved and then I will eat you. I know you may be chuckling at this and may be thinking how I could possibly do this. Well you see I have been prepping a cyclops army and we are coming to your kingdom to eat your people. Yes, you blinded me but, my hearing has gotten so much better that I can hear the drop of a leaf a mile away. So, I and my army of cyclops are coming for you. There is nothing that you can do to stop us. You can try and prepare for us all you want but, there is no stopping us. We are coming to your kingdom and we are going to have a feast by eating your people. And like I said you’re going to be eaten last so you can watch your whole kingdom burn to the ground and watch the people you love be eaten alive. Ha, by the time I’m done eating a couple of your soldiers you’re going to regret the chance you had to kill me. You thought you won the battle when you blinded me but oh no you just started a war between cyclops vs man. Well I can’t wait to eat you soon,
P.S. If you seriously don’t believe that I’m coming here are the remains of some of your soldiers that were out on a walk.

…Seriously…Really…Really Odysseus why..why did you taunt Cyclops??? What were you thinking man. You know if you just taunted him that would be one thing but you said your freaking name! You told him who you were. Now Cyclops knows who you are not only that but, he’s probably going to tell his dad POSEIDON you know the god the of the sea! And oh would you look at that we are literally on a boat in the ocean right now. What do you think Poseidon is going to do to us when Cyclops tells him that we blinded him? That’s right Odysseus he’s probably going to kill us all. You know I was hoping to make it back home but nooo because of you we’re all probably going to die. And see you don’t get it. Unlike you we are not half gods or have gods to help guide us. We are just average soldiers who always seem to get screwed when you do something stupid. Because of you we are all going to die at sea not you probably but the rest of us we will die at sea all because you just had to tell that Cyclops what your name was. Gosh I can’t wait to see Hades in a couple of hours. I hope hell isn’t as bad as they say it is. Once again thanks a lot Odysseus.