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The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is an important artifact that gave Champollion in 1822 the ability to decipher hieroglyphics because the three scripts written on it was in three different scripts. The three scripts were hieroglyphic, demotic, and the language used by the kings during that time. By using the demotic portion, Champollion was able to decipher the hieroglyphic portion. I would risk my life to protect this piece because it was the first instance of hieroglyphs being deciphered and without the help of the Rosetta stone, it may have taken a lot longer for people to have the tools necessary to decipher these. It is an important artifact that shows our first example of being able to figure out what the hieroglyphic scripts are about and I would protect it to show future generations the origins of hieroglyphic deciphering in modern day.

The Prime Directive is the most powerful law and regulation when it comes to the Starfleet’s rules they have to follow. Its main point is that you are not allowed to interfere with other cultures and civilizations. Following this rule is so necessary to uphold for the Starfleet that they would be willing to risk not just their lives, but also the lives of their crews to uphold it. The reasoning behind this rule and its such strict following is that they should not interfere in the natural lives of those that are living on other planets. Some examples include any kind of natural disasters or conflict between two different societies on the same planet. With the amount of technology they have in comparison to other planets, they could be seen as heavenly beings which would go against their main objective, which is just to make peace with inhabitants of other planets. In that sense, it makes sense that this rule mainly applies to those civilizations that do not have the technological level that the Starfleet has and in general is unable to contact the Starfleet themselves on their own free will.

The Prime Directive applies to this course because of multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that, it shows a similarity in how throughout history you see kingdoms with a lot of power taking over smaller areas with a lot less power that may not have any idea what is going one. Also, the motivation behind following the Prime Directive is similar to how protecting cultural heritage is handled. Their are those people that are willing to risk their lives to protect Cultural Heritage and how we are taught to leave things how it is when visiting a foreign country. This second part is similar to how the Starfleet are not allowed to interfere with other societies. These similarities is how the Prime Directive relates to this course.

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Hymn To Aten


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The Epic of Creation

All three creation stories has a type of god that created or helped in the creation of something important like man. Both the Hymn to Aten and the Epic of Creation follow a poem format concerning their creation myth. Hymn to Aten focused on the Sun-God and what he provides to the land. The Epic of Creation focuses around multiple Gods with the creation of man resulting from confrontation between the Gods. The Genesis has one central God that created all aspects of life including man in its work. Both the Genesis and the Hymn to Aten has aspects concerning the land when it came to its creation while the Epic of Creation was more story driven. On that same note, the Epic of Creation was a story that lead up to the conclusion of man being created while the Genesis starts with what God has created and goes into a story focus the second half. They are very different in that sense. The Hymn to Aten is the middle ground between the two, it has a central story that is explained over time but their is a greater focus on the creation aspect throughout the poem and goes in greater detail in that regard than compared to The Epic of Creation. The Genesis seems to show man with a sign of respect when compared to The Epic of Creation in which man was apparently just made to worship the Gods. These are similarities and differences between the three creation myths.

Katabasis is a decent of some some kind. Some examples include but are not limited to the setting sun, military retreating, etc. In the case with our readings, you can relate descending to when a hero or a character in literature descends or takes a trip to the underworld. In early world literature their are a bunch of cases, especially in more religious text, or the main character traveling to the underworld for some kind of purpose. This purpose can be from trying to gain power to getting knowledge or even just getting answers to important questions.

Out of the underworlds in the stories we have lead, I would like to visit the underworld that is represented in "The Epic of Gilgamesh". The underworld that is represented in this story belongs to individuals who did not die a glorious death such as dying in battle for your country. Of course battle is not the only way someone could die a glorious death, but this viewpoint seems to suggests that individuals who were not even a bad individual who be sent to this underworld. I would like to ask the individuals in that underworld what occurred to make them go to an underworld like this and also what their character was and as a result see what kinds of people were apart of this underworld.

Underworld of the Epic of Gilgamesh

"One Seaman gave three Portuguese ceitis (not even worth a penny!) for about 25 pounds of spun cotton. I probably should have forbidden this exchange but I wanted to take the cotton to Your Highness" (1898).

This quote shows Columbus's attitude and his overall behavior towards the foreigners he encountered. As long as he was getting paid, he would forgo sins such as ripping people off or not telling crucial facts if it means making a profit. The reason for this is in the background of the journals since it cost a lot of money and promises to go on the expeditions he have gone. If he does not turn up with riches or success then he would be punished so that objective was first and foremost. This is also why in the journals he talks a lot about gold and fortune.

"Of all that has been said, I am a witness. I was present and saw it; and I omit many other particulars in order to shorten the account" (1903)

The scene described before this part briefly describes a horrific slaughter of the Spaniards against the Indians in Cuba. It apparently started because of a sort of snowball effect of one Spaniard drawing his blade and as a result all the rest drew their weapons and killed everyone in sight and in the nearby large house. For being a witness to such of an event, it would be interesting to note what he did when he saw it take place and his reactions at the time. Also, the fact that he stated that he shortened the account and left out particulars leads to some questions that could have been answered if he was tell the whole thing. For example, like who started the snowball effect? Who witnessed it take place besides himself? Him omitting such details could also suggest of the possibility that there could be a much bigger reason for the massacre. From what he said, it seemed it was a one sided evil event when in reality it could have occurred for a reason.

I would send the Spaniard in charge during the slaughtering of Indians in Cuba in the text "The History of the Indies" and the captain to either prison or death. This is because they were responsible for their soldiers when the on in charge was distributing the food and the event took place. The soldiers, besides the one that started the massacre, are not responsible because they were thought they might be being attacked and as a result could be killing the Indians as a sort of self defense approach in all the confusion. The captain would also be responsible because it was he who appointed the Spaniard to distribute the food and it was his men that had done the deed.

Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec God of Wind and Wisdom. By being a God of Wisdom, he is similar to the goddess of Athena in that regard since she is a Goddess of Wisdom. The Aztec God's is a lot more complicated and symbolic than the other Gods we have read about. As a result however, Quetzalcoatl looks less of a human figure than the majority of other Gods in other religions and also has a lot of qualities depicting that of a serpent.


I give you one chance at redemption for your sins of raping that young women. Since the issue at hand is in regards to women and you defiled them just to show how much power you have, I sentence you to observe and understand them. In one year, you are to put your mind and thoughts in regards to what a women truly wants in this world. If you can not provide an acceptable answer to this question regarding what a women truly wants in this world then I will go back to my original decision and sentence you to death. If you do provide an acceptable answer, you have free to go and have learned a lesson as a result of this undertaking.

(She does testify against the students. The main reasoning being she does not want to go against her angry father even if her feelings does not reflect what she is saying)
The Miller's students came that night while we were sleeping and without both me and mother being fully aware of what was happening, slept with us. It was disgraceful, but their were not anything I could have done to prevent them from fulfilling their desires. What my father said was true and what he states the students have done to us is fact as far as I am aware.

Dear Diary,
I am so happy to be returning home to mother and father. It has been a long time since I have seen them, I hope everything is alright. I have never been told as to why I was sent away in the first place which upsets me greatly. In the first place, I can't believe they would just send me away without a reason. From what I know, my father is pretty important and wealthy so surely he did this so that I would be safe right? I can only hope that is the case. Either way I get to see them again, for better or for worse. May God watch over me and hope we can all live peacefully together as a family I never truly got to have.