Nicholas Marrama
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This is the Venus De Milo. I was first introduced to this piece of art as a kid on an episode of the Simpsons. This is one of the most recognizable pieces of art ever created. Like most great pieces of art the statue got damaged a long time ago. The arms are missing which is part of what this image so recognizable. The reason I would die to preserve this piece is because I believe that this particular statue of Aphrodite is truly iconic, and important to human history. I'm not art scholar, and I was still introduced to this piece through a popular television program, and that means something. It means that this piece is still important today. I would like to know that if I died for a piece of art that the piece of art I died for would continue to leave an ongoing legacy. I do think that this is a piece that will stand the test of time for humanity, and I think it would be pretty cool to be linked with it as the person whom had died to preserve it.

Wanted dead or alive for the crime of blinding a cyclops without fair warning to do so..
1100 cyclopian coin as a reward.

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The portal that Anubis takes the recently deceased through to begin their journey.
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Anubis-Definitely not the first face you want to see when you die, but I suppose it could be worse

Katabasis- it is to go underneath- taking a descent into an underworld-Usually used in Literature in such writings as The Odyssey.
If I was obligated to visit an underworld I would have to go with the Duat. This is what the Egyptians called their underworld. The main reason I would like to visit this particular underworld is to meet my favorite entity Anubis. The body of a man with the head of a jackal. I have always been interested in him ever since I can remember. He isn't the ruler of the underworld, but rather he is the God of portals. He is the one assigned with the task of guiding the newly deceased through their journey through the underworld. He guides those people to the place they will ultimately be judged. Then after the judgement is laid down he will then escort the person to their appropriate afterlife. As far as underworlds go humans could do a lot worse.

lysistrata 2.jpgI would rather fight a war against a man with a sword than a woman with a flawless figure.

Dear magistrate
I am writing this to you because I would like you to use your influence to stop this war. All the women here are getting cold due to our constantly being naked. Plus there isn't much to do around here when there is no sex going on. I don't know what kind of treaty can be worked out between these armies, but I would like to suggest some kind of peace treaty. I hate that all the women here have to resort to such drastic measures in order to get some change around here. There has got to be a casino opening, or movie theater coming soon right? Maybe even a gym around here would work, I mean a lot of the women around here aren't in the best physical shape at the moment.Would it hurt to open up a Curves, or a nightclub. If the women are forced to with hold sex he least you could do is give them a place to dance.
Sincerely yours

If I could change any scene it would be the scene near the end where the wife of a soldier he soldier by constantly delaying the act of sex. I would of liked to see her demand that he take her to a chick flick first, like The Notebook. While they where watching the movie all he would be doing is asking her if they were going to have sex after the movie, and when she keeps reassuring him that they will then after the movie when the finally get home she says she has a headache from worrying about him going to war, and she is to tired to have sex. After this he marches to the general of the army, and threatens to kill him unless he ends the war. Then after this occurred he immediatly goes home, and is finally able to "be close" with his wife.