Hello! My name is Ashley. I hope we all have an amazing semester.

Katabasis Badge

1. Katabasis is a retreat if some sort. It is generally a military retreat. It can also be the journey to the underworld. It is a Greek word.
2. The underworld I would like to visit is Valhalla. It would be interesting to see the warriors who have fallen in battle. I don't think I would want to stay there forever though because I would feel like a burden. It would be interesting to see if the warriors still behaved like warriors or if they were able to relax for the rest of their lives. It would be really cool to visit Odin, the God of Valhalla and the ruler of the Norse Gods. He is also known to be the God of wisdom and poetry. It would be fun to interview him and ask for his guidance once my visit was over.
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FAVE Badge

Fave Event:
Domestic Abuse is everywhere: Save your friends and your family. Come to our event on May 5th in Mckay to learn how to see hidden signs. We will look at different forms of literatrure and have a group analysis to see if there are any domestic abuse within the stories. For instance, we will look at Chaucer’s The Clerk’s Tale. This is easy to tell there was some sort of Domestic Abuse within their relationship. It will be a fun and light way to be able to talk about a serious matter. By analyzing stories, we will see the warning signs from the very beginning of a story and discuss how to prevent the situation. Afterwards, we will discuss the importance of domestic violence within the media, novels, and the arts. Is it promoting or discouraging Domestic abuse? At the very end there will be a Q and A session.

Genji Badge

My Dear Genji,
Do not fret. I will be by your side forever now. I enjoyed the time we had together even if it was only for a short time. I do not blame you for my death at all. You have actually freed me, not that my life was terrible but I can wonder wherever I want. I have no rules, no boundaries. I have no regrets but one. My only regret is that we did not meet sooner. I wish we could have spent more time together. I enjoyed your company very much so. To imagine all the adventure we could have taken together is saddens me. However, I remind myself that I can still go on these adventures with you. I can travel by your side and help you overcome any barriers. I can be your angel as you travel. I look forward to all the travels we take together. I look forward to learning from your adventures.
Your beloved,
2. On page 288, the Scene where Genji wishes to see “evening faces”
Koremitsu noticed how distraught Genji was. He had never seen his friend so lost about a girl. He must really care for “evening faces”.
“I’m sorry but I must bid you Aude for now,” Koremitsu explained to Genji as he left for the night. He wandered around trying to find “evening faces”. Eventually, he found her and asked if she would grace him with her company for a discussion. She was as timid as he remembered seeing her.
“my lady, I do not wish to scare or harm you but my Lord Genji has taken a liking to you. I know he may come across as intimidating but if you would give him the chance you would find yourself to be in awe of him. He is a man who is loved by all” Koremitsu smiled to “evening faces”.
“You’ll be happy years to come that you did,” he added. “Evening faces” starred at koremitsu. He was so kind and generous. He went out of his way to counsel her and to be a great friend to Genji. If Genji had friends like these maybe he was a great gentleman after all. She would decide she would try to be nicer to this stranger Genji.

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Above from the Tale of Genji, Genji sees Yugao from a far as he admires her beauty.